Projects 2021

Play this Game – Mixed Football for Children

Transnational Meeting in Portugal, Carvalhais – Mirandela. We are developing the children’s selection criteria for mixed children’s football teams.

We thank the Moldovan Football Federation, Mr. Leonid Oleinicenco – President of the Moldovan Football Federation, Mr. Serghei Butelschi Technical Director and Mrs. Diana Bulgaru, responsible for the project “Football in Schools” to support the activities of the project “Play this Game – Mixed Football for Children” proiect n0.622748-EPP-1-2020-1-RO-SPO-SCP, co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport Program, Collaborative Partnerships!
Mr. Dorin Prisăcaru as Project Manager of the Public Association Football Sports Club NOROC – Republic of Moldova, following a meeting with the President of the Moldovan Football Federation, Mr. Leonid Oleinicenco, with Mr. Sergei Butelschi – Technical Director and Mrs. Diana Bulgaru, responsible for the project “Football in Schools” took the initiative for the Moldovan Football Federation, starting with September 1st, 2021, to support the results of the project, by creating mixed football teams in schools. In this way there will be applied directly in schools the “Rules for the selection of school children for mixed football teams” (8-10 years, 10-12 years, 12-14 years) – one of the main results of our project.
The Moldovan Football Federation introduced in the criteria and conditions for organizing specialized football classes for each educational institution “mandatory creation of a mixed football class”. Furthermore, the selection criteria developed within the project will be applied.

WoW Europe

“WoW EUROPE” – project co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program, Not-for-profit European Sport Events. Project initiated and coordinated by the Junior Sport Association and implemented together with 9 participating organizations in 10 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Italy , Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.
Project developed and accessed by AMA EVENTS ASSOCIATION.

Together with Vera Gavrilă, coach and head of department at the basketball department at CSS Bega Timisoara, “Sports Professor” in the WoW EUROPE project.


#PEDALIADA is an emblematic action of the WoW Europe Project – the only project initiated and implemented by a Romanian organization approved by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program – Not-for-profit European Sport Events for the implementation period 2020-2021.
The WoW EUROPE project, designed and accessed by the AMA EVENTS Association, is coordinated by the Junior SPORT Association and co-financed by the European Commission through the European Erasmus + Sport Program, Not-for-profit European Sport Events, aligned with the specific objectives pursued in the field of sport, namely “encouraging participation in sport and physical activity, in particular by supporting the implementation of EU guidelines on physical activity”.
Under the slogan “LEAVE THE BUTTONING AND COME TO THE PEDALIADA!”, Over 500 people from Timiș County rode their bicycles to a popular race with the departure from the Banat Village Museum and arrival at the Zoo in Timisoara. The participants encouraged people towards outdoor movement. They were joined by several hundred other people from several localities in the country (Bucharest, Craiova, Hunedoara, Oradea and Sibiu), who participated over the weekend in PEDALIADA, an action that is part of the WoW Europe Project, initiated by the Junior Association SPORT from Romania and took place simultaneously in Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Spain, Slovenia and Turkey.

Today, September 11, the PEDALIADA event took place, part of the WoW EUROPE project!
In Timisoara about 500 people, children, parents and grandparents started a bike ride!

From Oradea, Romania to Peterd, Hungary! wrote an article about the event, available at:

Thank you #KissFM for your support and involvement!
Kiss Fm is a media partner of the WoW Europe Project!

Thank you for participating in PEDALIADA, part of the WoW EUROPE project, co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport program, Not – For Profit European Sport Events. A project written and won by members of the #AMAEVENTS ASSOCIATION for the #JuniorSport Association.

– Open Hour in Sport

Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania , Macedonia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey
25th of September
The event took place simultaneously in the 10 participating countries. The areas where the activities took place were nationally representative areas, from a cultural, tourist, etc. point of view.
The actions consisted of mini-competitions, demonstrations of great sports champions, sports clubs, involvement of participants with these great athletes in motion, exercise and sports activities, initiation of actions in various sports among the general public. This part of the action served to stimulate the interest of children and young people to play sports, an action that was done with the support of great athletes – national, European, world or Olympic champions.

In Romania, the event took place in Timiș County and in Bucharest!

The Foundation for Youth of Bucharest was together with us as we started the activity “Open Hour in Sport”, part of the project “WoW EUROPE” – project co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Sport Program, Not-For-Profit Sport Events.
3×3 basketball!
European Sports Week!

– Today I’m Your Teacher of Sport!

The first activity of the WoW Europe project in Latvia took place on a very beautiful winter day. Because schools are still closed to students in grades 5-12, and young students in grades 1-4 are still on a vacation that has already begun before Christmas, the project team decided to work outdoors, which is allowed for vocational education students under their sports teachers or coaches.

The activity covered the 5th grade students of both the Limbazi – Limbazi State Gymnasium and Limbazi secondary schools, as well as three students from the senior classes (8th grade) who are assisting their coach and “ the star ”of our activity an athlete, a sprint canoer, an Olympian #KristapsZalupe who, in 2008, ranked 7th at the Beijing Olympics, covering the K-2 1000m sprint in the sprint with his partner Krists Straume. Kristaps Zalupe lives in #Limbazi and the small town can boast its own Olympian who remained in his hometown after his active career in sports. Now, Kristaps is a basketball coach, leading his teams among the best youth teams in Latvian basketball. Kristaps also teaches sports in kindergarten and thus knows the best approaches for young children, school children, teenagers and young people.

The activity took place in the city’s ice rink, which this year is open only to children and young people with vocational education implemented by the local municipal sports school. Olympian Kristaps Zalupe told about his first steps in sports when he himself was five years old. Kristaps mentioned his point of view on physical activity every day and shared his own activities now at the age of 44. Kristaps is mountain biking and ranks in the top of the best cyclists in the base class. Now, in winter, Kristaps does cross-country skiing at least 3 times a week, and the rest of the day he either does gymnastics or rides a bike.
Kristaps leads the activity together with the sports teacher of Limbazi State Gymnasium and also an athletics coach – Agris Kirsis.

Interculturality and Religious Tolerance

During 28-29 May 2021, in the town 2 Mai, Constanța County, România, took place the advance planning visit for the preparation of the mobility for the project ”Interculturality and Religious Tolerance”.
Both the AMA EVENTS ASSOCIATION and the partner organizations TURKIYE HERKES ICIN SPOR FEDERASYONU, Turkey and VsI Sportuokime kartu, Lithuania have decided to support youth activities in terms of involving young people in awareness-raising and understanding of other cultures, with the aim of developing a sense of citizenship and European identity, through which to develop mutual acceptance of such diverse and yet so common cultures and ethnicities.

AMA EVENTS ASSOCIATION – Romania in partnership with TURKIYE HERKES ICIN SPOR FEDERASYONU – Turkey and VsI Sportuokime kartu – Lithuania started on 06.06.2021 the youth mobility activities within the project “Interculturality and Religious Tolerance” – project no. 2019-2-RO01-KA105-064256, in the framework of the Erasmus + program, Key Action 1, Youth. Within the project, 40 young people (16 young people from Lithuania, 14 young people from Turkey and 16 young people from Romania) will learn, become aware and better understand the culture and religion of other countries, they will identify the similarities and differences between their cultures and religions.

Young people from Romania, Lithuania and Turkey share their knowledge of culture and religion in their countries.

Sports activities for group knowledge and cohesion!

The language of sport is one!
It unites young people no matter what country they are from.

And now football!

We are after all similar! During the visits, the young people had the opportunity to better understand the common elements of their cultures and beliefs.

Dances and customs “teched” by young people from Turkey.
An intercultural exchange in a practical way!

YİĞİT TURAN from Turkey sharing with us the secrets of the Muslim faith.

Football! Knowledge and cohesion among the young participants!Who’s winning?Does not matter. The teams are mixed. From all points of view!

Sârba! How are young people from Romania, Lithuania and Turkey handling it?

Traditional Romanian food. As usual, sarmale with polenta, pasca and… palinca!

Ana Maria Codreanu (Amy) did us the honor to be among the young people in Romania participating in the project “Interculturality and Religious Tolerance”. She take the initiative and invite young people from Lithuania and Turkey to dance!

PERINITA! One of the most appreciated traditional dances by the participants, presented within the project by young people from Romania!

Taichi lesson, teacher – Marius Dumitru. A start for our young participants in practicing Taichi.

Open dialogue sessions between the young participants! In groups or face to face, young people discuss what unites them, common or similar habits. Of great interest were the new things they learned about each other, about the culture of the three countries, ROMANIA, LITHUANIA and TURKEY!

Conclusions of the day followed by interactive games!

Religious edicts from the 16th century. Protestant Reformation, Indulgence, Edict of Turda and the Great Schism. Topics that young people debated. They understood better the impact of religion on life and the historical involvement of peoples.

Project under the Erasmus + Program, Key Action 1, Youth, funded by the National Agency for Community Programs in Vocational Education and Training (ANPCDEFP).

Festive Night
The evening when the young people stated that they participated in the most beautiful project and everyone is looking forward to the next project. Friendships were made and the moment of parting was an emotional one, with hugs and tears in their eyes. We are proud that the young participants, in addition to the knowledge gained, remained friends and understood that they are the same! They are beautiful young people, with love of life, with hopes and dreams of living in a world of acceptance, trust and tolerance!
Thank you for being a part of this project!