About Us


We are a non-governmental association that promotes sport and physical activities, scientific and cultural activities at all levels, by organizing events, courses, competitions, developing national and European projects and supporting talent, especially for children and young people in all fields. The association promotes and supports social rights and values for citizens by promoting programs of general and community, to find solutions to the problems of disadvantaged groups, to promote youth and talented children, social inclusion of people with disabilities, disadvantaged groups, etc.

The association benefits from the expertise of certified experienced consultants in the field of Structural Funds and Project Management.
In recent years, our experts have been involved in all stages of financing projects carried out in Romania, from evaluation and contracting to implementation and monitoring.
We are the ideal partner if you have decided to access non-reimbursable funds for your project. Regardless of the type of project, we prepare for you all the necessary documentation to apply for funding and help you obtain funds or participate in projects with a non-reimbursable component.

The objectives of the association:

  • to promote sport and physical activities for a healthy life;
  • developing and implementing education and training tools and mechanisms at all levels and social categories through training programs;
  • stimulate the demand for continuing education and training programs;
  • development and implementation of the quality assurance system in education, including the improvement of teaching staff;
  • facilitating the access of vulnerable groups to education and training;
  • support for the development and diversification of vocational educational, of the youth training offerings, by organizing courses, conferences, seminars, information and promotion campaigns, debates with similar institutions and organizations from Romania or abroad;
  • raising funds to support various programs, initiatives and activities carried out by associations or its national or international partners in order to achieve the proposed goal.

The association has three founding members (President, Vice-President and General Secretary), a Director and 50 young volunteers. None of the members of the organization benefits from the salary, the activities being supported by local, national and European programs and projects.
Also, the association is directly involved in accessing projects for other organizations, for which it writes projects and offers them support in implementation, or is directly involved in their implementation, by delegating or seconding staff to those projects.

The AMA EVENTS ASSOCIATION has obtained the Quality Label no. 2020-1-RO01-ESC52-095803 valid until 31.12.2027, for volunteering projects for teens in the European Solidarity Corps.
We’re proud to be part of the European Solidarity Corps family!
Obtaining the Quality Certificate honors us and obliges us at the same time to implement projects at the highest level.

The European Solidarity Corps gives young Europeans the chance to learn and (re)discover through volunteering, traineeship, jobs or projects that offer solutions to the challenges that communities are facing.

The European Solidarity Corps aims to promote solidarity, one of the fundamental values of European union, mainly through volunteering, in order to increase the involvement of young people and organizations in solidarity activities of a high quality. The activities carried out within the European Solidarity Corps contribute to strengthening cohesion, solidarity, democracy and citizenship in Europe, responding to societal challenges and focusing on promoting social inclusion.