Projects 2020

Athletes go Further in Life!

Project co-financed through the Erasmus + Sport Program, Collaborative Partnerships.

The 1st Multiplier sport event in Oradea, Romania ”The Double Careers for Athletes – Opportunities and Fields of Approach”.
On Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28, 2020, at 17.00, at Casa Tineretului – Oradea, Romania, took place the first Multiplier Sports Event ”The Double Careers for Athletes – Opportunities and Fields of Approach” (Seminar), within the project ”Athletes go Further in Life! ”, project co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport Program, Collaborative Partnerships, Club Sportiv King Do-Lions Oradea, project coordinator, in partnership with ASD Margherita Sport E Vita – Italy, TKD Spirit Egyesület – Hungary, Associação Desportiva Cultural E Social De Carvalhais – Portugal and Ondoküz Mayis Universitesi – Turkey, presented the results of the survey – “Survey on the fields of activities for a dual career for performance athletes – opportunities to approach a new career in the field of sport”.
The survey was conducted on a sample of 771 performance athletes from the 5 partner countries, to highlight the options of athletes in the fields of activity for a dual career – opportunities to approach a new career in sports. The survey, conducted on 5 age groups (18-20, 21-23, 24-26, 27-28 and over 28 years old) showed that 61.5% of athletes want to stay in sports, and 38.5% want to embrace other fields in parallel, such as engineering, services, IT, medicine, economics or the military. During the event, a selection was made of 5 athletes out of 25 athletes, who will develop their skills so that they can embrace a duale career in sports as a sports instructor. The 5 selected athletes are: Mucichescu Angela Minerva; Cotut Denisa Andrada; Ionescu Camelia Raluca; Sferle David and Chereja Sasha. Following the elaboration of the Orientation Guide – “Modalities and methods of adapting training professional courses in sports domain by acquiring skills witch facilitate access of performance athletes to a dual career in sports”, it will be applied to a number of 25 performance athletes from the 5 partner countries, 5 athletes from each of 5 partner countries. As an applied part of the project, the 25 performance athletes will directly benefit from the application of these methods on a sports instructor course, as beneficiaries of a dual career in sports. In collaboration with the Center for Vocational Training M.A.R.A, they will be able to obtain the qualification of sports instructor, qualification recognized at European level through a graduation certificate with the Hague Apostille.

Education Caravan

A new challenge for a large-scale project, for education and sports culture of children in Timiș County!
The project “Education Caravan – Timiș County”, in its second edition, is initiated by the Junior Sport Association, organized and implemented together with the AMA EVENTS ASSOCIATION since the first edition.
The launch of the Born for Sport Timiș Magazine is the first step in implementing this national project.

On September 10, 2020, at 11.00, the most important manifestation of the Education Caravan in Timiș-2nd edition took place at the Banat Village Museum in Timișoara, the launch of the Born for Sport Timiș Magazine, a magazine edited by the Junior SPORT Association . This event was moderated by Florin Mihoc and was filmed entirely by Radio Timișoara.
The event was organized by the AMA EVENTS ASSOCIATION, in cooperation with the Timiș County Council.

At the launch of the Born for Sport Timiș Magazine were present, together with Mr. Călin Dobra – President of the Timiș County Council (main partner of the Education Caravan in Timiș County), some of the mayors of the partner local administrations: Victor Malac – Mayor of Dumbrăvița, Ionuiu Stănu – Mayor of Ghiroda Commune, Florin Bucur – Mayor of Moșnița Nouă Commune, but also the representatives of the caravan’s supporting partners – Marin Popescu (general inspector) and Constantin Osain (sports school inspector) from the Timiș County School Inspectorate.

At this event were present famous names of Timisoara sports, such as – Legends: Doina Moț Ioan Olimpiu Marconi; Senior champions: Flavius Biea, Eugen Căpățână, Benjamin Wiliem Bodo, Sorin Cazacu; Junior champions: Cristina Bălan, Brianna Sperlea, Jasmina Elena Ciocoiu, Miruna Husu; Club managers and presidents and coaches: Adrian Tal, Vera Gavrilă, Petru Brîndșan, Zlatomir Balojin, Petru Simonescu, Laurențiu Jurcă, Iulian Teacă, Bogdan Alic, Radu Țoancă, Marius Poclid, Marius Ciocoiu, Cristian Stoenescu, Liviu Pleșa, Theodor Moisă, Dani Cireșan etc.

Mr. Petru Simonescu – an exceptional teacher, a man close to our soul.
The math teacher managed to make a basketball team with a name tangent to math – “Logic”, made up of students from the school in Margina, combining his passion for math with that of sports and love for children and managed to perform with the girls from his team (that were selected in representative teams of Timiș, Cluj counties and in the national team), they represent for us a standard worthy of admiration and to follow.

Play this Game – Mixed Football for Children

Our work is again recognized at European level! We are proud that Romania is in Europe’s attention also through our effort! Thus we can contribute to the promotion of sports values, which unite people and the whole world!